Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How and where can I buy a book? 

You can buy a Purple Vouchers book from our website here, from our office (see contact us) or from selected resellers and local fundraisers .

Q.2 How long will it take for my book to arrive?

Purple Vouchers aims to process all orders placed before 2pm on the same day. All orders are sent via Royal Mail. Please allow up to 1-3 working days for delivery.

Q.3 Can I buy more than one book?

Yes! You can order as many Purple Vouchers books as you like – there's no limit to the amount of vouchers you can use!


Q.4 When does my book expire?

 Your 2020/21 Purple Vouchers book will expire on 31st December 2021.

Q.5 How does my book work?

Purchase your Purple Vouchers book and simply present your voucher & membership card to the merchant prior to purchase (restaurants will deduct the least expensive food item). Please read carefully all Terms and Conditions (shown on the face of your voucher).

On the front of the voucher you will find unique Terms and Conditions of use. All users are asked to check the terms of each vouchers carefully.

Check the addresses on the reverse of each vouchers as many vouchers are valid at multiple locations.

For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions which can also be found at the back of your Purple Vouchers book.

Q.6 What does the “Up to” value mean on my voucher?

The “Up to” value on each voucher is the price limit to which your discount can be.

Q.7 Can I return my Purple Vouchers book and get a refund?

Purple Vouchers offers a full refund guarantee on the Purple Vouchers book, valid for up to 10 days from the date of purchase. Refunds will only be given on complete and undamaged books.

Q.8 Do I have to book in advance to use a voucher?

Some restaurants / hotels / merchants prefer you to pre-book your meal or experience in advance. Check with the individual company to avoid disappointment.

Q.9 Who can fundraise?

Anybody! The great thing about the Purple Vouchers book is any legitimate fundraiser is welcome – whether you’re raising money to buy new equipment for your school or local sports club, or a charity close to your heart – Purple Vouchers can work for you! 

Please see our section on Fundraising with Us.

Q.10 How do I fundraise?

Please see our section on Fundraising with Us.

Q.11 Who can advertise?

Purple Vouchers is open to any business who can add value to the Purple Vouchers book by providing some great savings and genuine offers. See our Advertise with Us page.

Q.12 How do I advertise?

Please call 01302 765 881 or email us at

Q.13 Can I use the vouchers without the book?

Present your voucher with your membership card when you redeem your voucher.